PASS/PAL in the Faculty of Arts

PASS/PAL Peer Assisted Study Sessions/Peer Assisted Learning) is a program of peer-led group study sessions that offers voluntary academic assistance to students. The aim of PASS/PAL, in addition to helping students succeed in a particular subject, is to establish student learning communities, assist in the development of discipline-specific academic/learning skills, and to encourage student engagement.

PASS/PAL sessions are facilitated by PASS/PAL leaders. The leaders are students who have previously completed the unit, excelled academically, exhibited the necessary skills to be effective mentors, and have been trained to setup effective learning communities and to guide their groups in discussion and study.

The leaders run weekly study sessions at a designated time and place. During a typical session, participating students compare and clarify lecture notes, review readings, and discuss key concepts. Leaders are also trained to assist with study skills, and non-unit specific skills as needed.

It is important to note that a PASS/PAL session is not a tutorial. Leaders do not teach or discuss current assessment in a unit.

If you would be interested in learning more about PASS/PAL, either as a leader or as a convenor, contact 


2021 PASS-PAL Program and Team

Units                                                                            Leaders           

Session 1

LAWS1200 Contracts Law                                        Kempston O’Connor                         

LAWS2200 Property Law                                          Samantha Routogalis             

LAWS2300 Business Organisations                          Jessica Toner                          

LAWS3000 Constitutional Law                                 Romni Ritherdon                   

Session 2

LAWS1200 Contracts Law                                        Isabelle Jenkins                                  

LAWS2400 Tort Law                                                 Maya Ruber               

LAWS2500 Equity and Trusts                                   Samantha Roufogalis                                     

LAWS3300 Administrative Law                                Jessica Toner