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iLearn Template Migration

The Faculty of Arts has implemented a standardised approach to the structure, design and conventions used in our iLearn units. By taking a students first approach to unit design, we create a familiar and easier experience for our students and also, over time, will make life easier for us as well. The template is being progressively rolled out to all units in the Faculty of Arts with an aim to be complete by the end of 2021.


Michael Rampe
Adobe Creative Cloud activation The Faculty of Arts has deployed Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to a select set of its student body to enhance digital media fluency and address skills shortages as identified in the BA transferrable skills framework. This project includes activating a physical space (DIGILAB), a students as partners approach to software suite support and an integrated approach to developing Media0Based assessments in line with curriculum needs. here Michael Rampe
Transferable Skills Framework/Course Component Integration. Following on from the Bachelor of Arts' recent win (for Employability) in the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards 2020, the L&T Team now turns its attention to applying a course-level approach to refine alignment of designated BA majors and minors, with the the BA Transferable Skills Framework (BATSF). Utilising the same rapid prototyping methodology (Design, Develop, Implement [DDI]), the Team will focus on two primary objectives: innovative learning design and alignment of learning activities and assessment to the BATSF, while also incorporating relevant Faculty and University strategic initiatives in the areas of student engagement and employability, quality assurance, and digital transformation. Coming soon

Sonia Saddiqui
Jayde Cahir

Portfolium E-Portfolio rollout
The Faculty of Arts will use Portfolium as the primary eportfolio tool for use in our coursework suite from 2021. Portfolium is an online space where students can curate their achievements, projects, and competencies and showcase them to potential employers, enhancing their employability. The Portfolium Network also allows students to collaborate and network, both within the University and throughout the world. To pilot use of the tool, Portfolium was deployed with the BA capstone unit in Session 1 2021. The current Portfolium project aims to
  • activate the use of Portfolium across all Arts courses;
  • integrate the BA Transferable Skills Framework into all BA course components;
  • showcase the tool's capability to relevant staff within the Faculty; and
  • fast-track adoption of the tool in all Arts unit offerings.

Gai Ramesh

Media Based Assessment as a Primary Document Format in the Humanities

Based on current and past deployment of Student Video Assessments where Echo360 was used for delivery and assessment of student work, investigate the commonalities and differences between humanities disciplines using this form of assessment in the Faculty of Arts with a view to informing further uptake in these and other disciplines.

Coming Soon Michael Rampe


Project title Summary Page Lead(s)
CA2020 The Faculty of Arts is participating in a University-wide project to refresh and create new units and courses as part of the Curriculum Architecture project for 2020 and beyond. For more information, see the University's Curriculum Architecture Policy and Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan here

Panos Vlachopoulos

2019 - DDI2020 A series of Design|Develop|Implement structured workshops for our BA courses under the auspices of the CA2020 project. To learn more about this process, please see the DDI iLearn project site here

Jayde Cahir and Sonia Saddiqui

2016 - Open Universities Australia (OUA) Renovation The Open Universities Australia (OUA) Renovation pilot project was a strategic initiative established to implement the objectives of the Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan. here Peter Keegan and Jayde Cahir