Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Committee

The major role of the Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Committee (FoALTC) is to foster the development of research-inspired, evidence-based and student-focused learning and teaching practices. The FoALTC reports to the Faculty Board and the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (SLTC). The FoALTC also reports on initiatives to members of staff and students via its representative membership and regular reports and articles on the  Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Hub. In the case of major initiatives, it will also conduct briefings with Heads of Department, and, where appropriate, special reports at departmental meetings.

Terms of Reference

  • To foster the collaborative development of research-inspired, evidence-based and student-focused learning and teaching practices that align with the goals of the University.
  • To exchange and disseminate information on departmental, faculty and university learning and teaching innovations, policy development and change.
  • To advise the Executive Dean and Associate Dean Learning and Teaching on priority areas for quality enhancement in learning and teaching activities.
  • To assist the Faculty of Arts Standards and Quality Committee in the development of appropriate qualitative and quantitative indicators of performance in learning and teaching activities that will be used by departments in a routine development cycle of reflection, innovation, monitoring and feedback.
  • To develop and monitor progress against the Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework, which aligns with the goals of the University’s Learning for the Future Framework 
  • To obtain regular reports from all departments regarding compliance with University and Faculty policies, alignment with University and Faculty strategies and initiatives in the areas of learning and teaching.
  • To establish working parties where needed to develop learning and teaching strategies, implementation plans and procedures.
  • To establish and maintain procedures for communication to ensure that Faculty staff, Department learning and teaching committees, Faculty management, and the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee are informed of recommendations and initiatives


Associate Dean Learning and Teaching [Chair] Peter Keegan
Associate Dean Quality and Standards Panos Vlachopoulos
Manager, Learning and Teaching/Quality and Standards Lynn Negus
Department Directors of Learning and Teaching (or approved nominee), and an additional member of staff in all departments comprising 30 or more continuing academic staff appointments See below
Academic Director, PACE (or approved nominee) Maria Amigo
One Senior Learning Designer, Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Team (monthly rotation) See here
Student Engagement Coordinator Vacant
Associate Director, MUIC Programs

Can Yalcinkaya

Library Discipline Group Leader, MQL Access and Advisory Services incl. LIH

Geraldine Marsh, Robyn Westcott, Jeremy Hind

Career Development Consultant Lena Corzo Neisser
Timetable Manager, MQP Campus Planning Craig Oliver
Two student representatives, one undergraduate student and one graduate student, nominated by the Faculty of Arts Student Engagement Coordinator Unlisted
One member of professional staff, Student Administration

Alice Maher (Officer of the Committee), Heather Sainsbury


Department Representatives


Head of Department

Director of Learning and Teaching

Department Administrators

Ancient History 

Ray Laurence 

Meagan Mcevoy (S1) 
Kyle Keimer (S2) 

Angela Abberton 
Nataliya Pysarenko


Chris Houston 

Greg Downey 

Payel Ray 


Mary Ryan

Rod Lane

Helen Feng


Hsu-Ming Teo

Lee O’Brien 
Geoff Payne 

Frances Thompson 

Indigenous Studies 

Bronwyn Carlson 

Josephine Bourne 

Madi Day 

International Studies 

Jane Hanley 

Benedicte Andre 

Eva Gabrielson
Sheyana La Brooy 


Marc de Vos 

Lise Barry 

Debbie Loo 
Elenor McGee 


Nicole Anderson 

Sarah Keith 
Diane Hughes 

Justine Martin 
Michelle Lin 
Stephany Yeap  

Modern History/ Politics 

Clare Monagle 

Matt Bailey

Kelli-Lee Drake 
Bettie Ha 


Richard Menary 

Jane Johnson 
Jean Phillip Deranty 

Clara Wong 

Security Studies and Criminology 

Ben Schreer 

Yves Heng Lim 

Michelle Lee 
Annabel Voysey 


Ben Spies- Butcher 

Jyhene Kebsi 

Jenny Ghabache 

Geography and Planning 

Kristian Ruming

Sara Fuller 

Farhana Haque