Excellence in L&T

The Faculty of Arts promotes excellence in learning and teaching at all levels. This is reflected in the high standards we apply to our students' work and our staff dedication (both academic and professional) to implementing best-of-breed teaching methods. Our facilities and resources are ongoing constant improvement including the development of a brand new Arts precinct. This is supported by the Faculty Executive team who place learning and teaching excellence at the forefront of everything we do.

Our excellence is recognised and rewarded through several formal and informal mechanisms in the faculty and the broader university as well as on national and international stages. See the L&T Awards section for upcoming award opportunities and as well to celebrate the past winners from the Faculty.

To continue to provide excellence, we encourage innovation. Innovation is possible through working in a variety of funded and unfunded ways, through the staff in the Learning and Teaching Team and with each other (including our students). From time to time, a variety of grants are available from Faculty, the University and national bodies. See the Grants section for information on upcoming grant opportunities and to learn of the previously funded projects and initiatives.