Academic Development

We speak a great deal about 21st century learners and the skills, knowledge and understandings they require. Yet we appear to talk less about the qualities of the teachers. Should teachers have 21st century mindsets, be life long learners, adventurous, innovative and imaginative? Should they be individuals who were outsiders to traditional systems of learning? Or, do we continue to value what teachers know over who they are? If we value who they are, how might we attract these vibrant role models to teaching? [Gloria Latham, The University of Sydney]

The Faculty of Arts encourages all academics and professional staff to lifelong learning, to further develop their reflective skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

The L&T team offers regular workshops to enhance knowledge on both pedagogical and technical subjects. We tailor workshops and one-on-one training sessions to departmental and individual needs. Faculty based training opportunities and support schemes are designed to give staff the resources they need to succeed.

Performance is recognised in the Faculty excellence awards for above-and-beyond contributions to service, collaboration, innovation and leadership.

Please find detailed information on the MQ website   about:

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