Preparing to Teach

Have you been assigned to convene an unit for the upcoming session?

There are three elements in the process of readying a unit before the session starts. The Unit guide, the iLearn Unit and Unit Readings.

Faculty of Arts guidelines

Along with policies and procedures  provided by the University, the Faculty of Arts provides guidelines on the delivery of Arts' units within the University's learning management systems. 

Faculty of Arts unit setup guidelines (pdf)

Unit preparation timeline

The Unit preparation timeline flowchart provides a comprehensive timeline of when to prepare your unit and provides links to relevant guides and contacts.

Unit Preparation Timeline flowchart 2020

Unit Guide

Your unit guide should be created using iTeach. Follow this checklist to make sure you have included all of the relevant items in your unit guide.

Creating your unit guide (pdf) (requires login)
 (this might need updating after the new CMS)

iLearn Unit

This is a checklist of the minimum requirements needed for creating an iLearn unit

Design and Policy Checklist (pdf) (requires login)

Unit Readings

The library's process in organising your sessions’ readings. For further information, contact the Library.

Unit Readings Process (pdf)

Integrating Open University Australia (OUA) students

If you are offering your unit as an OUA unit you can integrate the OUA cohort in to your on campus unit. Follow these guidelines to setup this integration correctly.