Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a full featured industry standard set of software for digital media including images, audio, video, animation, websites, print publications and even 3D.

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Licensing schemes

Macquarie University has several concurrent schemes to provide access to the Adobe Creative Cloud to the convocation. None of these schemes limit which subset of tools are available. All tools are available through all schemes.

There are two generic types of licenses.

  1. Floating license. This can be used on up to any 2 devices at the same time and requires sign in using you Macquarie email and single sign on. You may install on more devices but one of the 2 needs to be signed out first to use.
  2. Device locked license. This can only be used on the device it is installed by and must be installed by University IT staff. As such, it can only be installed on University computers. To use the Creative Cloud on these devices, ANY Adobe ID can be used (paid or free, personal or staff/student)


All staff have access to a floating license of the full Creative Cloud desktop suite and associated web applications using single sign on (Okta). This allows staff to use the application on up to two computers at any given time and transfer to other computers an unlimited number of times.


All Macquarie run computer labs have access to the full Creative Cloud desktop suite. (NOTE: The full suite may not be installed however. Please check before taking classes that the software you need is installed and request new installs through OneHelp. These are device locked licenses and will require sign on with ANY Adobe account (Okta or personal including free accounts). In the Faculty of Arts precinct, we have also created a specific DIGILAB comprising of 20 large screen latest iMac computers with the full suite pre-installed.


The Faculty of Arts currently has a generous number of floating licenses of the full Creative Cloud desktop suite and associated web applications for students enrolled in select Faculty of Arts units. These licenses are deployed to students on a semester by semester basis based on pedagogical needs within the units themselves. When a student is not studying one of these units, the licenses will be revoked so that other students that do require it for study can benefit.

NOTE: To enable a fair and needs based deployment, the Faculty has developed a process for allocation which will run early in each semester. Please contact your Department/School Education Support Officer for more information.

Types of software

Adobe software is very flexible and integrated, however, we have grouped the tools into the following families to enable support and task design efficiencies. We encourage brave and innovative use in new ways as well and are always interested in emerging new assessment types.

Application Family


Types of Assessments suggested

Time-based media

Adobe Premiere Pro (and Rush)
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Audition

Video production
Video presentations
Digital Stories
Vocal tasks

Motion Graphics & Animation

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Animate
Adobe Character Animator
Adobe Mixamo

Infographics - motion
Concept explanation
How-to videos


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom

Object studies
Technical Photography
Fieldwork photography
Creative Photography

Design & Illustration

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dimension
Adobe XD
Adobe Fresco

Infographics – still
Concept explanation

Publishing & Presentation

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Acrobat
Abobe Portfolio
Adobe Spark

Infographics – interactive
Posters and flyers
Rich documents
Web sites
Interactive and digital stories