FoA Assessment Strategy

Assessment Strategy 2024-2026

The Arts Faculty is undertaking a multi-year strategic priority project (SPP) to implement a new assessment regime.

The University has undergone a multi-year period of curriculum renewal that has changed the architecture of our course structure. It included various improved processes, such as change management governance and tracking through our Curriculum Management System. Additionally, there was a streamlining of our overall offerings through the curriculum architecture project and connection of our systems (ie. CMS --> unit guides) which will be ongoing with further integrations closing the loop between our defined curriculum all the way through to marks ratification.

During this process, the University also introduced a classification of assessment types that has provided valuable insight into how assessment is undertaken in units, across courses and throughout the University. These projects have allowed for a modern and transparent approach to our core business activities to our staff, to our students and to government reporting.

Parallel to these activities, was the adoption of a future-focussed Faculty Strategic Plan (2022-2025)  [.pdf, 2.9MB] that includes objectives relating to course and assessment design, the inclusion of Work Intergrated Learning, and general improvements to our student experience. Finally, significant work has been undertaken in the DVCA portfolio to set the stage for a renewal through the Macquarie Advantage  initiative. 

Given the above, now is an ideal opportunity to implement an overarching assessment strategy that:

  • conceptualises the Faculty’s approach to assessment,
  • complements our new curriculum suite,
  • promotes alignment with other strategic priorities, and
  • supports our desire for excellence.

A cohesive and consistent approach to assessment is a crucial enabling factor for the success of these objectives.This has several components, which are grouped under the following 4 themes, each with 3 discrete work areas:

  1. Faculty of Arts Assessment Manifesto
    1. Faculty Assessment Manual
    2. Student Assessment Stories
    3. Fit-for-purpose Assessment
  2. Course Cohesion
    1. Course Assessment Plans
    2. Milestone Assessments
    3. IPA Implementation
  3. Purposefully Aligned Assessment
    1. Learning Outcome Principles
    2. Assessment Delivery Guidelines
    3. Rubric Manual
  4. Authentic Assessment
    1. Faculty Authentic Assessment Definition
    2. Authentic Assessment Implementation Guidelines
    3. Assessment Pathways with Industry

Indicative Timeline

Working groups will be created from key stakeholders including, but not limited to,

  • FEC members (expect a minimum of 1 per working group as key contact)
  • Faculty Executive and Educational Services staff
  • Learning Design and Production Team staff
  • Academic staff (with appropriate spare workload) to contribute
  • Student representatives

It will be up to the individual working groups to set schedules and develop scoped sub-projects.

Working groups will be convened for the following stages:

Stage 1 (2024)

  • Course Assessment Plans
  • IPA Implementation
  • Learning Outcome Principles
  • Faculty Authentic Assessment Definition

Stage 2 (2024-2025)

  • Faculty Assessment Manual
  • Assessment Delivery Guidelines
  • Rubric Manual
  • Authentic Assessment Implementation Guidelines

Stage 3 (2025-2026)

  • Fit-for-purpose Assessment
  • Student Assessment Stories
  • Milestone Assessments
  • Assessment Pathways with Industry