Gradebook setup

Setting up your Gradebook

In the Faculty of Arts, all marks are recorded in Gradebook. To make the process transparent and consistent for our students and foolproof for our teaching staff, we have developed a set of straightforward guidelines. If you follow these guidelines and refer to the troubleshooting steps, you can be confident that your Gradebook set-up experience will support your learning design, align with your unit’s learning activities and accurately reflect your students’ achievements.

  1. Every task as described in your unit guide must have a corresponding category in your Gradebook. A category is a folder for grade items and can do calculations for weighting.
  2. You should also include an Ungraded Items category set to zero weighting if you are using formative tasks such as quizzes.
  3. Each category must be:
      • named the same as in the unit guide
      • set to the weighting displayed in the unit guide.
      • set to "simple weighted mean of grades" if no advanced calculations are needed.
  4. Every assessment tool used in iLearn must sit inside the corresponding category.
  5. If there is no iLearn assessment tool being used, a Grade Item should be added to the corresponding category.


If your Gradebook total adds up to more than 100
  • Make sure all items are in a category 
  • Make sure the unit calculation type (folder right at the top with the unit code) is set to Natural
  • Make sure all the item categories are set to the right weight
If your mark is being calculated wrong
  • Check the calculation method of each category is set correctly
  • Check you are marking out of the right amount (100 for Turnitin)
  • Make sure you are entering manual marks in the grade item and not the category column
If your students cannot see their marks
  • Make sure the category AND item is visible
  • The unit total will be hidden if any other item or category is hidden
  • Check the "eye" symbol at the top of categories when edit mode is on and viewing the grader report
I cannot see where to add categories or grade items
  • Make sure to click the Setup tab when viewing the Gradebook and look down the bottom
How do I move items into a category?
  • One way is to select the category under the Grade dropdown on the settings of the tool itself
  • The other way is in the Gradebook setup page. This is a two step process
    • click ONCE the up and down arrow next to the item you wish to move
    • click ONCE on the small white box where you want to move it to
I have a complex setup not covered by anything on this page
  • Contact Learning and Teaching support by lodging a onehelp ticket



For further assistance log a ticket via