Overview of Curriculum Management System

As part of the University’s curriculum transformation work a new Curriculum Management System (MQCMS) has now been launched. The MQCMS is a new system for all activities relating to the Macquarie University curriculum, integrating our new Curriculum Architecture Principles and approval workflows. It brings together multiple systems (such as webforms and spreadsheets) to provide a better user experience for staff and a ‘single source of truth’ for course and unit information.

This site explains how the MQCMS is being implemented in the Faculty of Arts and provides information, resources and step-by-step guides to help staff to amend units for delivery.

Faculty of Arts is taking a systematic approach whereby all changes will be made in consultation with department heads. 

MQCMS submissions

In accordance with the Assessment Policy Appendix 3 Requirements for Unit Guide System , MQCMS approvals should be completed no later than three weeks prior to session start so that Unit Guides can be published for students two weeks before the session begins.

Check for outdated information

With so many changes happening around the university recently, now is a good time to check your unit for outdated information and links pointing to faculty student services and policies. Relevant, up-to-date policy links are automatically included in unit guides under the ‘policies and procedures’ section.

Minor editorial corrections to approved MQCMS unit offerings can still be made at any time up to the final approval of Unit Guides for the relevant teaching session.

Please note that these corrections will be rejected and returned if they constitute a change to any of the information in Unit Design: Unit Description, Offerings, Requisites, Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks, Learning Activities, Student Workload.

Please see "when is an amendment considered an editorial change" in the FAQ section below.

Step by Step Guides


Resources and Support

Project Beacon Wiki Support page

Program Beacon is an initiative that supports the MQ2020 Curriculum Transformation, which aligns with the Student Success Strategic Framework (SSSF).  Program Beacon incorporates five interdependent projects including those listed below as well an e-student login and a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to replace Tracker and webforms. The Program is a body-of-work that includes IT projects, business process re-engineering and the redesign of service delivery focused on student success.

Visit Project Beacon Wiki Page here 

User Guide for CMS Fields
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