Collaborative Projects Program

About the Program

The Collaborative Projects Program (CPP) provides an opportunity for academic staff to partner with the Learning Design and Production (LD&P) team on learning and teaching projects at the Faculty. The goal of the CPP is to encourage, support and promote excellence and innovation. Projects undertaken under the CPP include untried/novel approaches that can be refined, trialed and evaluated. Projects can also progress along the CPP pipeline, depending on their readiness levels and resourcing needs. All projects will also undergo a standard process of design, implementation and evaluation, with appropriate progress reporting built in. Successful project outcomes, resources and exemplars will be shared with the Faculty at our CPP Seminar at the projects’ conclusion.

For more information about the CPP project process, please see Arts-LD&P-Project-Process-v5-20230511 [.pdf 1.3MB]

Project Categories in the CPP

There are five project categories in the CPP. The projects can range in size from small-scale projects that seek to improve design and delivery of learning and teaching within a single unit, to larger and more complex projects that may impact an entire degree program. Project categories also differ according to their initiators, resourcing needs, duration, number of offerings per year and scalability.   

Project Impact

When assessing project proposals, three measures of impact are considered.  

  1. Pedagogical Readiness Level
    This is the extent to which projects are based on established/proven pedagogical approaches that can support the likelihood of successful implementation of project outcomes. (1: low to 7: high)

  2. Scalability Readiness Level
    The extent to which the projects in this category can be scaled/applied in other contexts (eg. activities assessments, units and/or courses) in the Faculty (1: low to 5: high).

  3. Reach
    Number of students and number of units impacted.

Proposing a Project

GEP & PDP proposals

Academic staff can propose a GEP or PDP at any time via an expression of interest (EOI) online form. Project proposals received via the EOI process are assessed in terms of viability, resourcing requirements, LD&P team capacity to support the project, and the likely impacts of project outcomes.

ISP proposals

Academic staff wishing to propose an ISP should use the form below and send it to their Director of Education or Nominee. We run 2 rounds of ISP intake a year. In 2024, the deadlines are 28th April 2024 and the 2nd August 2024. Please allow sufficient time for DoE's to assess your proposal before this deadline.

CPP ISP EOI_V1 [.docx 28KB]

EEPs & SPPs proposals

EEPs and SPPs are not initiated via the EOI process, but through the Faculty Education Committee and Dean/Deputy Deans, respectively. Please raise any ideas you have through those channels.

How are Projects Managed?