Web Governance & Proposals

FoA Web Governance

Web Governance involves policies, processes, and procedures for managing and operating a website. To improve our Faculty of Arts web governance, we've introduced a new web presence proposal form. This allows staff to submit web project ideas for evaluation by the Web Governance team. The team meets monthly to assess proposals based on guidelines, policies, and legal requirements. Our goal is to enhance collaboration, creativity, and maintain a strong online presence, providing a seamless experience for faculty staff.

Monthly Meetings

The Arts Web Governance team holds monthly meetings to review web presence proposals. During these meetings, your Expression of Interest for a new web presence will be thoroughly considered. The agenda includes:

  1. Projects Review: Updates on existing projects, addressing support requests, and identifying upcoming projects for proactive planning and resource allocation.
  2. Monitoring/Revision of Web Governance Approach: Periodically reviewing and adjusting the Web Governance approach, including updating the support form or process and incorporating university-wide strategy input.

Following this structured agenda ensures effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making. It streamlines website project management and aligns with the Faculty of Arts' goals and strategies.

Web Presence Proposal Form

To submit your proposal, please fill out the form below. For questions or concerns about your proposal or the web governance process, contact us at artslandt@mq.edu.au.