iLearn Template

The Faculty of Arts has implemented a standardised approach to the structure, design and conventions used in our iLearn units. Our students usually take 4 units each semester and having these units designed in different ways, with different blocks, assignments in different places and non standard naming conventions has been a cause of issue for many years. By taking a students first approach to unit design, we create a familiar and easier experience for our students and also, over time, will make life easier for us as well.

This approach was informed by the four MQ Online Learning Standards:

Standard 1: iLearn Unit Structure

The iLearn unit structure supports a positive user experience.

Standard 2: Communication

Information about teaching staff and student communication is provided.

Standard 3: Resources & Activities

Online learning resources and activities are available, current, compliant with copyright and licensing requirements, accessible, and support learning.

Standard 4: Assessment Information

Assessment task information and tools are consistently and accurately provided.

Elements of the template

Ways to implement the iLearn template

For Existing Units

  • Create a new iLearn unit from the template and then import all of the content from a previous unit. 
  • Clone the existing unit and then import the template elements.

For New Units

  • Start with a blank Arts iLearn template when you create your unit in iTeach.

Contact Us

Contact the Arts L&T Team if you require help implementing the iLearn Template in your unit.