iLearn Template

The Faculty of Arts has implemented a standardised approach to the structure, design and conventions used in our iLearn units. Our students usually take 4 units each semester. In the past, these units were all designed in different ways, with different blocks, assignments in different places and non standard naming conventions which led to confusion and uncertainty among students many years. By taking a students first approach to unit design, we create a familiar and easier experience for our students and make life easier for us as well.

The template has been progressively rolled out to all units in the Faculty of Arts. with all undergraduate units covered by 2024.

  • For all new units, start with a blank Arts iLearn template when you create your unit in iTeach.
  • For existing units, there are a few options:
    1. Create a new iLearn unit from the template and then import all of your content from a previous unit. 
    2. Clone your existing unit and then import the template elements.
    3. Request a migration and let us help you with one of the above steps.

A preview version of the template  is available and visible to all staff.

Elements of the template

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I rename the 3 established sections in the weekly sections? YES
  • Can I add new sections? For instance, I usually have a section for External/OUA students especially, as well as sections for listening practice and external resources, and there aren't any provided. YES
  • Can I use my own images instead of the style icons? YES
  • Can I change the names of the labels? I don't have lectures or tutorials YES
  • Can I change the language that the section titles are written in? YES
  • Can I remove labels from special weeks that don't follow the normal plans (e.g. test weeks?) YES