Where to get help

The Arts L&T team do not provide student support. Any student enquiries should be redirect to Service Connect.

  • Live Chat, found in the bottom right corner of University student webpages page during business hours.
  • Submit an online enquiry via AskMQ
  • Tel: +61 (2) 9850 6410
  • In person on the Ground Floor, 18 Wally's Walk

Tasks Supported by the Educational Services Delivery team

Timetabling/Web Data Collector

Education Support officer

  • Collaborate with Operations staff and HOD/Dean of departments and Schools to identify issues at the Web Data collection phase
  • Data entry of web data collector information for the following semester
  • Identify initial timetable issues in draft timetable
  • Collaborate with Schools to identify timetable issues (draft timetable)
  • Attend draft timetable meetings with Central timetables to resolve timetable issues Web Data Collector

Complex Student Enquiries triaged by Service Connect

Education Support officer

  • Triaged complex course check
  • Complex Course transfer/major and minor enquiries
  • Incorrect requisites
  • Replacement units
  • Class registration (full classes, specific class requests)
  • Class Clash
  • Individual case submission saving/deeming for School approval

L&T Support and delivery of units

Learning Design and Production Team


  • Funded and unfunded projects to enhance L&T excellence in the Faculty 
  • Implement Faculty strategic priorities related to L&T and ongoing professional development 
  • Strategic innovation projects identified by Schools and departments 
  • Discovery based projects initiated by individual teaching staff or course directors 

Ed Media

  • We cover the breadth of educational media types including video, audio, photos, graphics and interactives 
  • Produce educational media - Design, plan and integrate educational media in collaboration with teaching staff
  • Provide equipment resources to help our teaching staff enhance their own Ed Media products.
  • Offer training in hardware, software and media planning 
  • Maintain a set of how to guides and resources for informing good practice 


  • Develop and deliver a variety of workshops for staff in Faculty
  • Offer L & T induction for new teaching staff
  • Deliver self-help training resources
  • Provide opportunities to showcase exemplary pedagogical practice and innovation
  • Manage staff L&T awards and facilitate Communities of Practice 


  • Provide flexible support staff and processes to ensure that our teaching and professional staff can enhance L&T using technology and available resources effectively
  • Drop in support – back early February 2024,
    when: Monday 12-2, Wednesday 2-4, Friday 12-2
  • General Support – one help tickets preferred initial contact
  • Support documentation– guidelines & resources published and maintained 

iTeach set up

Education Support Officer

  • Allocate unit convenor and one other contact to iTeach offerings using a Unit Convenor list confirmed by School/department

Class Management

Education Support officer

  • Opening and Closing classes/ Emailing students to advise them of class changes
  • Consultation with operations manager where there is a budget impact
  • Submit Class management changes for approval

Special Consideration

Education Support Officer

  • Escalate to School/Department stage 3 queries
  • Escalate to Faculty Educational Services Delivery Manager or Assessment team leader
  • Monitor Academic decisions, contact Unit convenors if not progressing
  • Distribute Spec Con reports provided by Assessment team to Dept/Schools
  • Coordinate updates of contact information/template responses for Central teams

Work Integrated Learning Support

WIL Support Team

  • Plan, assist and organise Practical Placements
  • Clear mandatory checks, ensure standards are met and maintain records
  • Allocate students, allocate sites, teachers and tertiary supervisors
  • Support student teachers in their Practical Placements in Schools
  • Support Academic staff delivering the Practical Placements
  • Support Supervising teachers and School
  • Assist with In Need of Additional Support cases
  • Process payments for supervising teachers and tertiary supervisors
  • WIL administrative support for all Arts units

Governance Support

Educational Governance and Initiatives team

  • Faculty Education Committee secretariat support
  • Support for CMS proposals, guidance for academics on processes and policy adherence for new items and revisions to existing items and timelines
  • Support for Internal and External Reaccreditation course reviews, unit reviews plus quality assurance processes
  • Approval workflow of Individual cases
  • Academic Integrity support for Faculty
  • Co-ordination of Online Moderation form
  • Ensure HoD Report completed at moderation
  • Grade Appeal processing

Staff Enquiries

Education Support Officer

  • Provide advice on various University policies
  • Provide procedural instructions and advice as necessary
  • Reply to all enquiries in a timely professional manner
  • Escalate queries as appropriate
  • Support Department and School meetings

Final Exams

Education Support Team

  • Management of the exam process including sending out notification of exams
  • Communication to UCs/moderators re exam process and deadlines
  • Ensure that all exam processes are completed by all Admin team members, UC's and moderators


Education Support Officer

  • Coordinate with unit convenors the submission of student’s final marks
  • Upload results in AMIS
  • Run Student Study Package Report and save in SharePoint
  • Late change of grade requests processed
  • Monitor resolution of Incomplete grades


Education Support Officer

  • Escalate stage 3 queries as needed
  • Monitor Academic decisions, contact Unit convenors if not progressing
  • Coordinate updates of contact information/template responses for Central teams

Student experience and engagement

Student Experience Officer

  • Coordination of PAL/PASS
  • Coordination of O Week
  • Coordinate Camps and outreach activities for the faculty (e.g Camp Aspire)
  • Coordination of Faculty initiatives for student engagement and retention
  • Faculty coordination of university camps and outreach initiatives