Strategies & Frameworks

Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan 2022-25

The faculty’s strategic plan has been developed within the overarching framework provided by the University’s Operating
Plan 2020-24. The FOA 2022-2025 Strategic Plan [PDF, 2.9MB] outlines our objectives under three key sections:
  1. Education and Employability,
  2. Research and Innovation, and
  3. People and Resources.

Faculty of Arts Assessment Strategy 2024-2026

The Arts Faculty is undertaking a multi-year strategic priority project (SPP) to implement a new assessment regime.

Quality and Standards

The Faculty of Arts has a coherent and robust process for quality and standards. We work within and adhere to the national frameworks and regulations.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Association  (TEQSA) is Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education.

The Australian Qualifications Framework  (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework.

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching  (QILT) are a suite of government endorsed surveys for higher education, which cover the student life cycle from commencement to employment.