CPP Seminar Series

Innovating Together: Driving Engagement through Collaborative Projects

Discover the power of collaboration and innovation at the LD&P Team's learning and teaching projects seminar!

In July 2023, accomplished speakers presented their remarkable learning and teaching projects, highlighted their innovative ideas, strategies, and outcomes. Colleagues and stakeholders shared their passion for education, gained valuable insights into the work being done, and learned about the opportunities for collaborative projects in our faculty.


Welcome to Country
Dr Jo Anne Rey

Welcome Address
Professor Albert Atkin, Deputy Dean, Education Employability

Dr Shireen Morris
Collaborating across divides for the Voice referendum

A/Prof Kate Lloyd & Dr Phoebe Everingham
Storytelling through Digital Field Trips

Sonia Saddiqui
Mapping the BA Transformative Skills Framework to assessments

Dr Jo Anne Rey
Dharug Country X City

Dr Thomas Corbin & Dr Jennifer Duke-Yonge
Designing a Critical Thinking Application

Morning Tea

Alison Hawkins-Bond
An intuitive approach to iLearn for the Special Education units

Dr Anne McMaugh & Dr Emma Burns
Developing Gulya Guri-Budyari: Collaborative website design to support teachers’ engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures, Perspectives, and Histories

Dr Rebecca Andrews
Leading the Learning Vanguard: Crafting Education Commons

Michael Rampe
Collaborating with the LD&P Team and the CPP Framework

Event Close