Have you read the Macquarie University Assessment Policy?

It is important that staff are aware of the University's Assessment Policy  to ensure adherence to the rules, processes and standards that determine how students are assessed.This will help to promote consistency, transparency and accountability in assessment design and administration. If clarification about assessment policy is required, a member of the Arts Learning and Teaching Team can provide advice and guidance.

Assessment Principles

5.1 Assessment is standards-based

5.2 Assessment must be fit for purpose, and efficient in its application

5.3 Assessment will be course/program-based

5.4 Students and teachers are responsible partners in learning and assessment

5.5 Assessment is fair, transparent and equitable

5.6 Assessment is valid, aligned and reliable

5.7 Assessment design and implementation promotes academic integrity

5.7.4 Plagiarism detection software will be used for all text-based electronically submitted summative assessment unless approved otherwise.

Policy highlights

Schedule 2

1.1 No single assessment task can be worth more than 60% of the total assessment of the unit unless one of the following exemptions apply:

  • required by an external accrediting body

 2.3 At least 50% of group work assessment shall be allocated to individual performance.

3.3 Hurdle requirements:

  • Must be clearly specified in the unit guide including the requirements for performance and / or participation
  • Must be determined on pedagogical grounds
  • Should be used only where it is appropriate to ensure fulfilment of unit and course/program* learning outcomes
  • May be used to meet minimum competency standards or to demonstrate 'fitness to practice' for courses related to professional practice

Assessment Design

A useful all-in-one guide to designing and administering assessments is the Assessment Toolkit . Among other topics, the Toolkit covers what, why and how to assess, assessment design principles, choosing the right kind of assessment, designing standards-based assessment, designing for peer/self assessment, and moderation. Click here  to see the new list of assessments that came into effect in 2020.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the University's move to online teaching and learning in March 2020, a suite of curated resources to assist teaching staff has been developed here.