Educational Media

The Educational Media function involves working with internal and external Faculty stakeholders to develop tailored educational media solutions, based on an understanding of educational and technological best practice and methodologies. Production specialists contribute to the design and development of bespoke digital artefacts, such as videos, animation and graphic elements for curriculum renewal and innovation. The team keep abreast of developments and initiatives in technology enhanced learning and online digital delivery (within the University and the higher education sector) in order to inform learning and teaching strategies.

In an increasingly digitally mediated higher education environment, we see educational media content integration as a key component in delivery of courses in the present and future learning and teaching environment. Educational media takes a plurality of forms: traditional mediums such as video, images and audio as well as emergent new media forms such as interactive media and virtual and printed 3D media.

Creation, use and integration of educational media in a digitally mediated environment requires both innovation and agility. There are various modes of operation when it comes to this collaborative space. From academics making and using their own educational media with support, to a collaborative model where academics work with support staff, through to a service model where educational media is created for our courses by professional practitioners. There are a variety of support, access, professional development and equity concerns woven through these modes of operation. There are significant opportunities for our student body to be involved in these processes to enable experiential and situated learning for them and to provide relevance and insight for us as well as to provide needed student input into the those processes themselves.

Adobe Creative Cloud

All staff members of the FoA are invited to get creative with the tools from Adobe creative cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud is free for all professional and academic staff members AND all students in the Faculty of Arts.

You have access to the latest creative applications for photography, design, web and video - including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and more.

Please see link to download help here  and to self help tutorials here .