Course Cohesion

Course level design and progressive mapping of Course Learning Outcomes is a required element of the Higher Education Standard Framework (threshold standards) 2021 

Further to this, the University (see Assessment PolicyPrinciple (e): Assessment is designed to enable a course-based approach ) and Faculty (see Faculty Strategic Plan 2022-2025  [.pdf, 2.9MB]) also have commitments to Course Level Design when it comes to the future of our curriculum suite.

This theme serves to drive that change tangibly and deliver new ways to ensure we are meeting our legislated requirements whilst also being more transparent with our students and flexible in how we assure course outcomes.

2.1. - Course Assessment Plans

With the introduction of a formalised Course Director role, we will develop a Faculty-specific Course Assessment Plan process and mechanism to articulate how assessment in the suite of units meets the Course Learning Outcomes of the course. This will deliver a variety of outcomes including:

  • clarity to unit convenors,
  • mapping information to governance processes reviewing changes,
  • feed accreditation streamlining, and
  • allow curriculum change management processes to be better informed.

It will also, most importantly, allow us to transparently communicate this information to our student body.

2.2 - Milestone Assessments

Capstone and 3000-level assessments are well-defined but often do not contain a clear explanation for how they relate to Course Learning Outcome attainment.

There is an opportunity now to ensure tracking of Course Learning Outcome attainment at a set of key thresholds in the student journey. 

We will introduce milestone-based assessment types and guidelines that will further strengthen our ability to clearly demonstrate the attainment of Course Learning Outcomes as is required by our policies whilst also giving further opportunities for students to track their progress against the CLOs throughout their candidature.

2.3 - IPA Implementation

Clear opportunities to create pathways for ensuring all Course Learning Outcomes are demonstrated to adhere to the TEQSA principle  of IPA (Introduced [Taught], Practised, Assessed). All course learning outcomes should have a clear mapping to units/tasks for these 3 stages as a minimum which should be progressively embedded as per unit level definitions. Students should be given ample opportunity to develop skills in a timeframe that suits the complexity of the CLO.