Portfolium rollout

The Faculty of Arts will use Portfolium as the primary eportfolio tool for use in our coursework suite from 2021. Portfolium is an online space where students can curate their achievements, projects, and competencies and showcase them to potential employers, enhancing their employability. The Portfolium Network also allows students to collaborate and network, both within the University and throughout the world. To pilot use of the tool, Portfolium was deployed with the BA capstone unit in Session 1 2021. The current Portfolium project aims to:
  • activate the use of Portfolium across all Arts courses;
  • integrate the BA Transferable Skills Framework into all BA course components;
  • showcase the tool’s capability to relevant staff within the Faculty; and
  • fast-track adoption of the tool in all Arts unit offerings.

Project Leader: Gai Ramesh

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