FoA Guidelines & Policies

FoA Unit Guidelines

  • All 1000 level units must offer a Week 1 tutorial.
  • A Moderation report should be filled in throughout the session.

Assessment Policy

  • The Faculty policy in relation to late assessment submissions is as follows:
    Unless a Special Consideration request has been submitted and approved, a 5% penalty (of the total possible mark) will be applied each day a written assessment is not submitted, up until the 7th day (including weekends). After the 7th day, a mark of ‘0’ (zero) will be awarded even if the assessment is submitted. Submission time for all written assessments is set at 11.55pm. A 1-hour grace period is provided to students who experience a technical issue. This late penalty will apply to written reports and recordings only. Late submission of time sensitive tasks (such as tests/exams, performance assessments/presentations, scheduled practical assessments/labs will be addressed by the unit convenor in a Special consideration application.
  • Any instance where a student uses the University’s electronic learning management system (iLearn) to submit for assessment a written response that comprises more than 250 words in total will be subject to plagiarism detection software.

iLearn Guidelines

  • Only one iLearn site to be created for each unit code.
  • iLearn Unit should open 1 week prior to start of session.
  • Official published Unit Guide should be linked in Topic 0 of the iLearn unit.
  • All Turnitin assessments are to be marked out of 100.
  • Gradebook should be setup with categories reflecting the assessments listed in the unit guide.
  • Teaching Notes section should be used in iLearn for reflecting on teaching practices.
  • Names and contact details of teaching staff are to be listed in the ‘Teaching Staff Block’.
  • Links to library unit readings via Leganto or other methods.
  • The learning outcomes listed in the Unit Guide in are the same as those listed on the iLearn site.
  • Assessment tasks in the iLearn unit are identical to those listed in the Unit Guide.
  • Assessment submission dates are consistent and up to date for the teaching period.
  • There are clear methods for providing feedback to students.

FoA iLearn Template

All FoA Units should follow the iLearn Template developed by the Faculty. Visit the iLearn Template page for details on implementation.