Dharug CountryXCity

Dharug Country across the City is a website based on the current post-doctoral research project of Dr Jo Anne Rey, a Dharug community member, in collaboration with Dharug community and other allies. The research project, ‘Weaving Country across the City: Activating Dharug Ngurra’ is funded through the 2020 Macquarie University Fellowship for Indigenous Research (MUFIR).

Our team played a crucial role in crafting digital content through close collaboration with Jo Rey. Together, we captured imagery tailored to Jo’s project needs. By leveraging drones, photography, videography, and sound, we obtained unique perspectives of project sites, capturing the natural landscape, atmospheric sounds, and the essence of each of the cultural sites. These elements were transformed into interactive and sortable content on a website, creating a rich source of knowledge for public viewing. Our aim was to seamlessly weave the project’s narrative into educational frameworks, fostering meaningful engagement with learners.

The site was developed to inform people about Dharug activism and agency, continuing caring for Country/Ngurra even when Country is a city. It seeks to inform the public of the revitalisation of cultural practices, perspectives, and ways of knowing, being and doing through the storying of past-present-futures.

Following the research project, the site links to the three project sites:

  • Shaw’s Creek Aboriginal Place, located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in far western Sydney
  • Blacktown Native Institution site, located at Oakhurst, in central western Sydney
  • Brown’s Waterhole, Lane Cove National Park, northern Sydney

Project collaborators: Jo Rey, Michael Rampe, James Tracy and Marcus Arruzza

Website: https://dharugcountryxcity.com.au/

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